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At design time, we can use the List property, which is a very handy array of the items in the list box; and at runtime, we can use both the List property and the AddItem method. Heres how we use the List property in code, ListBox.

AddItem Item 1 List1. AddItem Item 2 List1. AddItem Item 3 List1. The first item added to a list box gets the index 0, the next index 1, and so on. When the user selects an item in a list box, you can get the selected items index with the list boxs ListIndex property.

AddItem "Item 0" List1. AddItem "Item 1" List1. AddItem "Item 2" List1. How we actually use them is up to you, because different programs have different needs. We use the Click event just as we use the Click event in a button, with a Click event handler.

Here, we display the item in the list box the user has clicked, using the ListIndex property we can get the selected items text with List1. List ListIndex or with List1. Multiselect List Boxes List boxes can also be multiselect list boxes, which means the user can select a number of items in the list box. ListCount - 1 If List1. Selected intLoopIndex Then At runtime, you use the RemoveItem method. When setting up loops over the items in a list box, we should note that ListCount is the total number of items in a list, whereas index values start at 0, not 1.

ListCount - If no item is selected, ListIndex will be 1. We can get the text of a lists selected item as List1. Text or List1. List List1. We can use a list boxs Selected array to determine if individual items in the list box are selected or not.

We make a list box into a multiselect list box with the MultiSelect property. The user can then select multiple items using the Shift and Ctrl keys. Here are the possible settings for MultiSelect: 0Multiple selection isnt allowed this is the default. A mouse click or pressing the spacebar selects or deselects an item in the list.

Arrow keys move the focus. Pressing the Shift key and clicking the mouse or pressing the Shift key and one of the arrow keys extends the selection from the previously selected item to the current item. Pressing the Ctrl key andclicking the mouse selects or deselects an item in the list.

When that property is set to 0, the default, the list box presents just a vertical list to the user. When you set the Columns property to another value, the list box displays its items in that number of columns instead. We just use clear like this: List.


Programming With Visual Basic 6.0

Open Visual Studio In the New Project dialog box in the left pane, expand Visual Basic, and then choose. NET Core. In the middle pane, choose Console App.


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