Mansha Yaad Mansha Yaad is a very famous and prominent Urdu play writer, short story writer and a great figure of Urdu Adab. He has been awarded Pride of performance Award from the government of Pakistan. He has won many other awards from many organizations across the globe. His father Haji Nazir Ahmed was a farmer and Hakim. He passed his matriculation examination in from M.

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He did his early schooling at Sacred Heart Convent, Faisalabad, and higher studies in business administration at Hendon College, London. Nishat Textiles Mills was started in by his father and uncles. Mian Muhammad Mansha joined the family business in and eventually he split with his uncles and took over the family business. In later years, another textile complex followed in Chunian near Lahore. Through this period, he made a number of acquisitions and buy-outs, including engineering at least one hostile takeover.

Business analysts in Pakistan reportedly said that the acquisition of two thermal plants would ensure uninterrupted power supply to D. Khan Cement Plants for the Nishat Group. Competing with several other bidders in a privatisation process, there were several challenges to overcome, but ultimately he persevered.

Today, MCB Bank is one of the top 4 banks in the country and leads in terms of market capitalisation with a massive employee base of roughly 18, MCB Bank already has international operations, and the Nishat Group also owns an automobile leasing company in Kazakhstan. Further plans include major infrastructure projects in Pakistan, such as the construction of electric power plants based on coal-powered generation of electricity and sea ports.

Mansha is also a member of the Board of Directors at the Atlantic Council [11]. In March , Mansha was the first Pakistani making it to the Forbes billionaires list. The issue is still in Court and not resolved but started production after increasing security around the plant.

He sometimes seeks advice from the U. Carl Icahn reportedly told him, "In good times, the unions take away the profits, and in bad times, the cost of oil kills you.


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Here Pakistani Adab means the literature in Urdu and other languages spoken in Pakistan. The literature of writers of these languages is older than the history of Pakistan where Rig Ved has so far not been recognised as the production of Pakistani areas. Another example is that though the Academy has published a special issue in the memory of the late Amrita Preetam born in Pakistan and migrated to India after Partition she may not be taken as the architect of Pakistani Punjabi literature. I personally know that on the initiative of the Academy, a book on Jamil Malik was assigned to one of the writers of Rawalpindi which was compiled but the Academy backed out and the book was privately published. Muhammad Mansha Yaad is fortunate that a good book on his life and literary achievements has been published this year by the Academy. Mansha was born in Sheikhupura, once part of Gujranwala district. Aslam has used this geographical link and before writing his article he visited the places where Mansha was born and educated and met his family.


Tavan Tavan Tara - Book By Mansha Yaad


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