Violet, a writer and member of the popular crowd, has withdrawn from her friends and from school activities since her sister died in a car accident nine months earlier. Finch, known to his classmates as "Theodore Freak," is famously impulsive and eccentric. Following their meeting in the school bell tower, Finch makes it his mission to re-engage Violet with the world, partially through a school project that sends them to offbeat Indiana landmarks and partially through simple persistence. Violet and Finch live, fortunately for all involved, in the sort of romantic universe where his throwing rocks at her window in the middle of the night comes off more charming than stalker-esque. The teens alternate narration chapter by chapter, each in a unique and well-realized voice. When the story inevitably turns tragic, a cast of carefully drawn side characters brings to life both the pain of loss and the possibility of moving forward, though some notes of hope are more believable than others.

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And definitely the best! This is as it warns in the summary dangerously insightful. It IS going to leave you thinking, so if you looking for fluffy fun. And after saying this, I might add. I did a lot of thinking. So this is going to be a tad on the long side.

Oh and its going to be personal. Your second chance the last of my high school YA reads for now. Your second chance to up and go…. Well you have been warned. So here we go: I read this at a recommendation of a friend. After reading "Smart Girls Get What They Want" I was surprised by the different groups at high school and their seemingly huge amount of separation and even disregard for each other. Since I schooled in Switzerland and the school systems really different there, I asked said friend how close the setting of smart girls was to the truth.

As way of answer I was told to read this book since it was closest to my friends High School experience speaking in both cases in general. And this book totally floored me. What an amazing book! Really well written, funny and it hit me straight in the gut. Ah let me stop babbling and start at the beginning. The book is all about David. This dorky theater geek, with a slightly inflated ego who does seem very sure of what he wants in life.

Well at first any way. The book is his journey through those last months in High School David trying to figure out what he should do.

I really liked David, with all his flaws and cluelessness. SUCH a guy thing to do. He does so many clueless guy things, and lets be honest its not only funny, but at time guys really are. David is a really witty and well rounded character, so well written that i felt like i actually know him… The fact that he messed up and then thought learnt from it and picked the pieces up and went with it, made him all the more lovable.

His relationship with his father was especially well written. And here is another fabulous things about this book the characters are really great, really well written. The different parents, teachers, the students all the support characters even if they only mentioned briefly they are believable and realistic. Colter was a fun character and i was always at first not sure if he was trust worthy because he seemed so out of place, in the midst of those aspiring high schoolers.

Vanessa and Elle are great characters, again i think Voorhees has nailed it. I loved the girls dislike for each other. Their snarling and their reactions to David. I can tell you of countless girls i know who would have reacted the same.

They would have gone out and gotten vengeance. The story line is a bit jumpy at time, but again for me that was ok, it was like David was actually telling me the story.

Very amusing but it still is also very insightful. I guess all of these points would have made me give this book at least 4 stars. BUT as i said, after reading the novel, it not only stayed with me it rendered me unable to read another book for several days. I was totally taken by it.

The social critic and observations that were in some parts just hinted at but also it made me ponder over being in that boat myself. See I am one of those lucky fools. How could I, I was asking myself who am I? And there I had to choose.. I watch my whole class go mad trying to secure their future, still not sure what I should be doing.

And then was offered a place, just like that. Because I happened to impress them while I was there for Info-week. Reading this, while as I said the school system was different, the pressure are the same. At that age you are expected not only to know what you wanna do for the rest of your life, everybody expects you to chose something reasonable.

The competition between peers becomes huge just because of that. For me the artist was a brilliant way of showing what can happened if you put pressure onto a group of people, when the aim is just what is expected rather than the means and everybody blindly follows those expectations. Voorhees not only written a brilliant story with great characters he managed with his dry wit to point all those issues out while making me go through a whole range of emotions i was laughing, floored, upset, hopefull and then at the end left me with hope for Davids future.

A great book that deserved each one of the shinny five stars!



And here is another fabulous things about this book the characters are really great, really well written. How much money one makes? When he was younger, David Ellison was cast in a small, local commercial and got bit by the acting bug. Each week, our editors select the one voorhres and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. I also loved the way the author threw in a mix of rools. The author, Coert Voorhees, tells this story as a narration.





Lucky Fools


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