Faint ripples undulated across the placid lake as some early-rising fish sought the surface in search of unwary insects. Above the hard, high mountain peaks, with the everlasting spume of snow flying banner-wise from it, a solitary star shone with glittering brilliance in the luminescent sky. In the granaries faint squeaks and rustles betrayed the presence of hungry mice foraging in the barley barrels. Stealthy footsteps and two glaring eyes as Watchman Cat appeared on the scene brought a scuffle of scurrying mice and then utter silence. Watchman Cat sniffed around suspiciously, then, satisfied, jumped to a low window and sat looking out at the fast-approaching dawn. Flickering butter-lamps hissed and spat and momentarily flared brighter as night-duty acolytes replenished their supplies.

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First of all let us deal with a person who is leaving this Earth. The body becomes untenable, in-operable, it becomes a day case enshrouding the immortal spirit which cannot bear such restraint, so the immortal spirit leaves. When it has left the dead body, when it has left the familiar confines of the Earth, the - …what shall we call it?

Soul, Overself, Spirit, or what? Here on Earth we have to clomp around, or sit in a tin box, which we call a car, but unless we are rich enough to pay airfares we are earthbound.

In the astral we can travel at any speed we will. If, for example, you want to enjoy the wondrous scenery of the astral world with its verdant - and its lushly frodige stocked lakes, we can drift as light as thistledown just above the land, just above the water, or we can rise higher and soar over the astral mountain tops. Let us go just a little beyond our first days in the astral, let as go to the time when we have entered the Hall of Memories, when we have decided what work we are going to do in the astral, how we are going to help others, how we are going to learn ourselves.

Let us imagine that we are busy at our task of helping or learning, and then just imagine a hand jerking at the back of our neck-tweak, tweak napp , tweak, and pull, pull, pull - it distracts the attention, it makes learning hard, it makes helping others very difficult, because we cannot add our full concentration or attention to that which we should be doing - because of the insistent tug and interference caused by those mourning us upon the Earth. Well, even this telephone business; try telephoning Spain from Canada!

Try telephoning England from Uruguay!! First you have the difficulty that the intermediary, that is the telephone operator on Earth, or the medium, is not familiar with the circumstances, may even be not very familiar with the language in which we desire to speak. And then there are all sorts of hisses, clicks, and clunks on the wire, reception may be difficult, reception, in fact, is often impossible.

Yet here on Earth we know the telephone number we desire to call, but who is going to tell you the telephone number of a person who recently left the Earth and now lives in the astral world? A telephone number in the astral world? Well, near enough, because every person on every world has a personal frequency, a personal wavelength. In just the same way as the B.

It is not possible to tune-in and be infallibly ufeilbarlig sure that you can receive a station - for the simple reason that something may have put them out of action. It is the same with people who have passed beyond this life. You may be able to get in touch with them if you know their basic personal frequency, and if they are able to receive a telepathic message on that frequency. That is, supposing Mrs. Brown, a new widow, wants to get in touch with Mr. Brown, a newly-freed human who has escaped to the Other Side, one of these lesser entities who are not humans - can perceive what she wants to ask Mr.

Brown, can perceive from Mrs. Brown spoke, what he looked like. Brown which has just been obtained from the mind of Mrs. Well, the very experienced person cannot be deceived narret in that way, but the very experienced person is few and far between, and just does not have time to deal with such things.

Furthermore, when commerce forretninger comes into it, when a person demands such-and-such a sum for a mediumistic sitting, a lower vibration is brought into the proceedings and a genuine message is thus all too frequently prevented. It is unkind and unfair to let your sorrows harm and handicap a person who has left the Earth and who is now working elsewhere.

Be sure that if you really love the person who has left the Earth, and if that person really loves you, you will meet again - because you will be attracted together when you also leave the Earth.

In the astral world you cannot meet a person whom you hate or who hates you, it just cannot be done, because that would disrupt the harmony of the astral world and that cannot be. Of course, if you are doing astral travel you can go to the LOWER astral which is, one might say, the waiting room or entrance to the real astral world. In the lower astral one can discuss differences with some heat, but in the higher regions - no.

So remember this; if you really love the other person and the other person really loves you, you will be together again - but on a very different footing. There will be none of the misunderstandings as upon this Earth, one cannot tell lies in the astral world, because in that world everyone can see the aura, and if an astral-dweller tells a lie, then anyone in sight knows about it immediately, because of the discord dissonans which appears in his personal vibrations and in the colours of the aura.

So one learns to be truthful. But that is not the case; mourning sorg is selfish, mourning causes grave interference and disturbance to the person newly arrived in the astral plane. Mourning, in fact, could really be regarded as self-pity, sorrow for oneself that one has lost a person who did so much for those left behind. It is better and shows greater respect and thought - to control grief and avoid hysterical outbursts, which cause such distracts to people who have really left.

The astral worlds yes, definitely plural! Things are as real and as substantial upon those worlds as they appear to us to be here on this Earth, actually they appear more substantial, because there are extra senses, extra abilities, extra colours, and extra sounds. We can do so much more in the astral state….. What do people do, what do they eat, how do they occupy their time?

I can remember dying and being born, and I have the great advantage that I can astral travel when fully conscious. So let us look at this matter of the astral worlds and what one does. In the first case there is not just one astral world, but many, as many in fact as there are different vibrations of people. Perhaps the best way of realising this is by considering radio; in radio there are many, many different radio stations in all parts of the world.

If those stations tried to share a common wavelength or frequency, there would be bedlam spetakkel , everyone would interfere with everyone else, and so radio stations each have their own separate frequency, and if you want the B. If you want Moscow -you tune-in to the frequencies allotted to Moscow.

There are thousands of different radio stations, each with their own frequency, each a separate entity not interfering with the others. In the same way astral worlds are different planes of existence having different frequencies, so that upon astral world X, for example, you will get all people who are compatible within certain limits. In astral world Y you will find another set of people who are compatible within their own limits. Lower down, in what we call the lower astral, there are conditions somewhat the same as on the Earth, that is there are mixed types of people, and the average person who gets out of his body during the hours of sleep and goes astral travelling, he goes to that lower astral where all entities may mix.

The lower astral, then, is a meeting place for people of different races and different creeds, and even from different worlds. It is very similar to life upon Earth. As we progress higher we find the frequencies becoming purer and purer. Whereas derimot in the lower astral you can have an argument krangel with a person and tell him you hate the sight of him if you want to. When you get higher in the astral planes you cannot, because you cannot get people who are opposed to each other.

So remember that the astral worlds are like radio stations with different frequencies, or - if you wish - like a big school with different classrooms, each succeeding class being higher in vibration than the one before, so that class or grade - One is a common denominator class, or astral world, where all may meet while the process of assessing vurderinger their capacities goes on.

Then as they do their allotted tasks - we shall deal with that in a moment - they become, raised higher and higher. Until eventually they pass out of the astral plane of worlds altogether, and enter into a state where there is no longer rebirth, reincarnation, and where people now deal with much higher forms of being than humans. But you want to know what happens when you die. Well, actually I have told you a lot about it in my previous books. You leave your body and your astral form floats off and goes to the lower astral, where it recovers from shocks and harm caused by living or dying conditions on Earth.

Let me mention another subject for a moment before saying what people do in the astral world. A very pleasant lady wrote to me and said, I am so frightened.

I am so frightened that I shall die alone with no one to help me, no one to direct me in the Path that I should take. You, in Tibet, had the Lamas who directed the consciousness of a dying person. I have no one and I am so frightened. That is not correct, you know.

You may think you are alone, and quite possibly there is no one near your earthly body, yet in the astral there are very special helpers who await by the deathbed, so that just as soon as the astral form starts to separate from the dying physical body, the helpers are there to give every assistance. Just as in the case of a birth, there are people waiting to deliver the new-born baby. Death to Earth is birth into the astral world, and the necessary trained attendants are there to provide their specialised services, so there is no need for fear, there should never be fear.

Remember that when the time comes, as it comes to all of us, for you to pass from this world of sorrows, there will be people on the Other Side waiting for you, caring for you, and helping you in precisely the same manner that there are people on Earth awaiting the birth of a new baby. When the helpers have this astral body which has just been separated from the dead paysical, they treat it carefully and help it with a knowledge of where it is. Many people who have not been prepared think they are in Heaven or Hell.

The helpers tell them exactly where they are, they help them to adjust, they show them the Hall of Memories, and they care for the newcomer as they, in their turn, have been cared for.

That is the best "truth-guarantee" - I feel in many connections with what I later have studied - that Rampa really account for the actual truth!! This matter of Hell - there is no such thing, you know.

Hell was actually a place of judgement near Jerusalem, Hell was a small village near two very high rocks and between the rocks and extending for some distance around was a quaking bog myr , which sent up gouts of sulphurous vapours, a bog that was always drenched in the stench of burning brimstone.

God, no matter what we call Him, is a God of kindness, a God of compassion. That is all a figment in the imagination of crazed priests who tried to gain dominance over the bodies and souls of those who knew no better. There is only hope and knowledge - that if one works for it, one can atone for any crime, no matter how bad that crime seems to have been. Most people fear death because they have a murky dyster conscience, and these priests who should know better, have taught about hell - fire and aternal torment, eternal damnation and all that.

And the poor wretched person who has heard those stories thinks that immediately he dies - he is going to be seized by devils and horrendous things wreaked upon him. Those who say that there is Hell and torment, well, they are not right in the head, they are sadists or something, and they are not worthy of another thought. We fear to die for that reason and for another; we fear to die because the fear is planted in us.

Think of it like this; if you are training to be a professional person of some kind, a lawyer or a doctor, well, you have to study and you have to pass examinations, but if you lose heart half way through -you drop out of your course and then you do not become a lawyer or a doctor, and before you can become a lawyer or a doctor you have to cease being a drop-out and get back into the class and study all over again.

And by that time you find the curriculum undervisningsplan has changed, there are different textbooks, and all you have learnt before becomesuseless, so you start at the bottom again. Well, that has taken us quite away from what people do in the astral. A lot depends on the state of evolution of the person; a lot of it depends on what that person is preparing for. But the astral worlds are very, very beautiful places, there is wonderful scenery with colours not even dreamed of upon the Earth, there is music, a music not even dreamed of upon the Earth, there are houses, but each person can build his or her house by thought.

But they are therefor not only "castle in the air" - but solid and compact enough for the inhabitants of that frequency-world. You think it, and if you think hard enough, it Is. In the same way, they build their houses in any style they are thinking about. Why be cluttered by a car when you can move as fast as you wish by wishing?

So, by thought power alone, you can visit any part of the astral world. In the astral there are many jobs that one can do. You can be a helper to those who are every second arriving from the Earth, you can do nursing, you can do healing, because many of those who arrive from the Earth are not aware of the reality of the astral, and they believe whatever their religion has taught them to believe.


Beyond The Tenth

First of all let us deal with a person who is leaving this Earth. The body becomes untenable, in-operable, it becomes a day case enshrouding the immortal spirit which cannot bear such restraint, so the immortal spirit leaves. When it has left the dead body, when it has left the familiar confines of the Earth, the - …what shall we call it? Soul, Overself, Spirit, or what? Here on Earth we have to clomp around, or sit in a tin box, which we call a car, but unless we are rich enough to pay airfares we are earthbound.


Lobsang Rampa

It was written by a man named Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, and it purported to relate his experiences while growing up in Chakpori Lamasery, [1] Chokpori , Tibet, after being sent there at the age of seven. The title of the book is derived from an operation, similar to trepanation , that Rampa claimed he had undergone, in which a small hole was drilled into his forehead to arouse the third eye and enhance powers of clairvoyance. The book describes the operation as follows: The instrument penetrated the bone. A very hard, clean sliver of wood had been treated by fire and herbs and was slid down so that it just entered the hole in my head. I felt a stinging, tickling sensation apparently in the bridge of my nose. It subsided and I became aware of subtle scents which I could not identify.

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