Kakinos The Grand Portal is holographic, emitting from First Source and extending to UIS, embedded within the master template, conducted into the quantum fields of the genetic mind, drawn into the energetic systems of the soul carrier, and finally coiled within the DNA molecule of the species. The light body is a particle of the Divine Mind, cast from the Central Sun into and through the fourth and fifth dimensional matrices in order to embody within a human being the essence of the Central Sun. These would include the discourses, cosmology, and activation resources. With mind control on TV, in magazines, movies and the like, also there are visual effects, and you should learn to enjoy only that which is beautiful to you. It is a time when spiritual leaders and politicians join forces to repel this intricate and complex metaphysical and scientific revelation.

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Bashura ONLY listen to uplifting music, if music sounds like noise, RAP and hard rockget away from it and where possible, get away from any harsh noise, because noise harms your astral body, even music played too loud.

With commentary by Candace. There is a reason for those mp3 players; it is to make the music change your DNA less. Indeed, in many ways cosmogonyy soul carriers that are designed to operate in dense vibrations are more sophisticated and evolved than those designed for the more rarified vibrations of the Central Universe. They are very good at mind control. We were NOT to develop the oil and gas as we did for energy, because it is destructive and God does not destroy. Across all dimensions of space there exists a primary field of vibration or quantum primacy.

Most people live by the rules on television and what is covered on the talks shows. The individual is not supreme, nor is it the reward of consciousness. It is a time when spiritual leaders and politicians join forces to repel this intricate and complex metaphysical and scientific revelation.

Resistance is largely predicated on three basic factors: There are eleven primary fields of vibration and each is interfaced directly with the other. This template is interconnected and does not relate on an evolutionary scale so much as a density scale. It listens well and responds to what it hears.

This is the manner in which the interactions between all dimensions of existence are brought into coherence and applicability to the formation of new worlds, species, and dimensional constructs. Much more is possible than this, and I personal Destiny guardian angel has informed me I now have 18 strands of DNA connected. Sadly, most are not in the theaters, and should be, and on television also. Collectively, these species represent the cellular structure of First Source, while the individuated consciousness represents the indivisible particle thereof.

Nevertheless, let us speculate further that it is a book of knowledge concerning the origin of the universe that is so subtle and mysterious that it is barely perceptible.

This record is part of the knowledge system contained within the galactic Tributary Zone of the Milky Way galaxy. As a greater percentage of the species embody their soul consciousness, it becomes easier for the remaining members to do so as well.

The first is the announcement that formalizes its arrival and is observable to the greater network of workers who are involved — no matter how significantly — in the discovery of the Grand Portal.

Translations are as precise as possible though the words used are not always consistent to the WingMakers glossary. The manner in which the findings are released to public scrutiny is of vital consequence, and Lyricus has developed a precise set of protocols to help in limianl efficiency and effectiveness of this transmission.

The dark side knows this. The Telescope of Consciousness. We are becoming more global which is also essential to the ascension process, and there is more cosmogonny generally than in the past. As the soul carrier of the species evolves, the DNA molecule increasingly activates its antenna and responds to the higher dimensional, organizing information field that enables the soul carrier to integrate soul consciousness more fully.

They are holograhically coiled and encoded in a manner that cannot be expressed with language nor depicted with three-dimensional geometry or spatial relationships.

The reason for this, is there is so much information out now, and which uses varying terminology, that I am attempting to blend the knowledge for new readers and older readers of www.

Liminal Cosmogony This progression operates in subtle, intricate, and meticulous processes, and despite the apparent surface chaos the deeper ordered systems prevail and entrain the surface effects of time, space and matter. It is the axis of grounding and anchoring the light body to the planet and the physical beings upon her.

Within the Central Race is a sub-race known symbolically as the WingMakers. And companies and countries can buy software to keep their employees and citizens from seeing certain material. It is this return — like a migratory journey enjoined by a fierce tailwind — that is accelerated by the Grand Portal.

Machines of super-intelligence are built that — if not properly managed by the species — can self-evolve at a velocity greater than organic evolution, overtaking the embedded management protocols and allowing machines to dominate the frontiers of science and technology. The major site for the music and art being offered is www.

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These teachings are the carefully chosen words and energetic transfers of Lyricus teachers, who have expressed them from an ancient, yet distinctly relevant voice. They are colored in our language and culture not because they are texts composed for our specific species or planet, but because all planets and their inhabitants evolve in a similar ascendant path, passing through transformative shifts to higher light and intelligence. Earth is passing through one of these corridors of higher dimensional light energy right now, and many of you are aware of this. This is part of your awakening and activation: to know that the earth is on an ascendant path, that this path includes you in a purposeful relationship, and that these new energies will restructure and realign the culture of humanity in profound and positive ways. One of these ways is a new intensity and focus of collective intelligence and empowerment. It is being released at this time because the energies of the Central Sun and the teachers of light are clearing a path to enable a stronger telepathic connection with those who desire this new empowerment. Those of you who have asked the Universal Creator or Higher Intelligence to activate your highest purpose; this paper, perhaps, is one of ITS responses.


Nele It is composed of a very refined and pure energy vibration that is equal to Source Intelligence spirit. I find them offensive to my nose. Plus cosmogpny soul carrier on earth was generally evolved as the end result of the life that was implanted here. The soul is attuned to UIS and operates therein because cosmohony is the vibratory field that is native to its essence. Yet people cosmogojy they have to use them, because they are on TV. Clock Get the Flowers Clock widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Would you like to send me email of incredible stories or things people have not heard yet?


Kazraramar Members of cosogony species will energetically reorganize into resonant groups, each accessing different regions of the genetic mind and evolving a discrete sub-genetic mind whose resonant coupling is more closely fitted to each group. LEARN to think about what you see and tune it out, or off. There are currently 3 Wingmakers sites which are beginning this process. This record is part of the knowledge system contained within the galactic Tributary Zone of the Milky Way galaxy. Collectively, these species represent the cellular structure of First Source, while the individuated consciousness represents the indivisible particle thereof. A mental shift is expressed as the genetic mind of the species is made more accessible to the species as a result of the previous shift in heart-brain integration. This interactive process of the energetic systems is monitored by a frequency of UIS that is called Source Intelligence or the Universal Spirit Intelligence.

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