This model is one in which Hirobo claims is capable of flying the most advanced 3D maneuvers right out of the box — a claim in which RC Flying Thailand sets out the test. In fact, before actually getting their hands on this model, RC Flying has had two chances to see it in flight. In both occasions the flight was flown under constant heavy winter wind. Therefore, even without flying it, it is safe to say that the claim that this model is extremely wind-resistant is well founded. The Lepton EX-3D is a world class helicopter made by a world class RC helicopter manufacturer who aims to please advance pilots. The whole model stands just slightly smaller than a typical.

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This is a brand new mid-sized electric radio remote control helicopter introduced not long ago to help people enjoy their moments with Lepton Ex helicopter. The Lepton Ex here involves a little technicality and so we decided to provide for our cheerished readers, who always love to read our articles, and also experts who know more when on the particular RC helicopter.

We therefore apologise if you find it a little difficult with those facts but not scared as we have tried to bring it the best to your knowledge. The Lepton EX is noticeably bigger than any size mini electric currently available on the market, yet smaller than a 30 size for easy transportation and will comfortably fly in just about any sports playing field area. And because it is electric, noise is not a factor.

Also due to its larger size it is easier to see, easier to handle in windy conditions, more stable, yet still small enough to be flown indoors. This suggests that, Lepton EX this the most reliable mini RC helicopters you can have in terms of its size, transportation abilities and comfort flight, stability and enjoyment you can always trust on Lepton EX helicopter. Even though Lepton is designed for outdoor flights, it can also be flown indoors in a gymnasium environment. The Lepton EX comes with all upgraded option parts included such as carbon fiber single piece frame plates, CCPM degree control system, aluminum swash plate, aluminum washout, Mini Sceadu Evo style aluminum rotor head, aluminum mixing arms, aluminum stabilizer control arms, aluminum tail case, Evo style tail pitch control, Evo style tail belt, a DTDS Tail drive system, one piece landing gear, and a full compliment of ball bearings for all drive components and levers.

Lepton also have equally quality replacement parts and kits when ever you need some and believe me for buying the spare parts of Lepton RC helicopter, just visit LEPTON EX for all your quality kits and parts. Thanks so much for your time on our site and we appreciate that very much and always welcome. Posted by.


Lepton EX-3D (HIROBO) Review

Arakora Plastruct Open Webb Truss. Nine Eagles Aircraft Spares. This model is one in which Hirobo claims is capable of flying the most advanced 3D maneuvers right out of the box — a claim in which RC Flying Thailand sets out the test. Push pull SWM only.


High Precision HIROBO HELIS LEPTON EX steel Bearing Kits





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