All rights reserved. A certain distance Principles for grounding must be reserved between them to prevent the BTSA: the BTSA: interference from each other interference from each other. The upper cabinets are connected to the lower cabinets with equipotential cables. Page 5 Installing the Cables In this section, the color of the cables and the equipment appe earance are for reference only.

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Tele Quote 6 documentation very useful for my job. Before a cabinet is installed, you must familiar with the cabinet structure, application scenario, and space requirements.

The cable ties are evenly spaced and face the same direction. Sign the Packing List with the customer. Its typical scenarios include: A simplified graphical document, which can be printed and easily carried. Ensure that the heads of all the cable ties are outside the cabling teeth, as shown in Figure Bind the cables to the nearest points on the binding bracket. Switch off the battery breaker in battery cabinet and APM30 when installing the battery!

Align the spring pin with the hole, rotate the pin to the right until it is tightly pressed by the door. One cable outlet allows a maximum of 12 Huuawei fiber optic cables. Step 3 Lay out the cable by referring to Use a screwdriver to tighten instaolation screws on the wiring terminals.

C referred to as BTSL cabinet, boards, modules, and cables. Page 57 The figure of the GPS surge protector is for reference only. Step 1 Align mounting holes on the cable holders with mounting holes on both sides of the BBU case, and then installatkon two M4 screws on each side to secure the cable holes to 1. This document uses figures and tables to show the exteriors of cabinets before and after the restructuring and differences in the components.

Small Configuration Scenario Iii: Press the keys in turn. Installation Guide for Enhancing Existing Cabinets. Check whether the power cables are securely bts, and the screws are tightened on the cables in the cabinet by referring to Figure Table Raise the puller on the optical module.

Fiber optic cables cannot be squeezed by the cabinet door when routed through the cabinet, as shown in FigureFigure Figure Blue cable as — 48v, and black as 0 V. It focuses on hardware installation operations to be performed onsite. Figure shows the installation procedure. Sufficient slack recommended for about 0. The armor of the AC jnstallation need to be grounded. Remove the board, and check whether any pin of the slot on the backplane is bent, broken, or missing. Cables are routed in an untangled and orderly fashion.

Types of base stations. Battery breaker 2 battery banks to be installed in each cabinet. Install the equipotential cable on the door. Welcome to Our Website Before performing any operation, onsite personnel must be familiar with correct operation methods and safety precautions.

Page 43 M12x60 bolts to secure the base, as shown in Figure Installation Clearance And Position Requirements The installation of cabinets must meet the requirements of the proper design, practical installation, and elegant layout. Install the wiring cover to the lower cabinet Step3: Do not bend the board or insert it at an angle.

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