Los investigadores creen que esta creciente lista de objetos agrupados, de los cuales se sospecha que FarOut forma parte, es la mejor evidencia de la existencia de un mundo evasivo que acecha en las franjas exteriores de nuestro Sistema Solar. Un mundo llamado Planeta Nueve. Tiene un semieje mayor de alrededor de 1. Este paquete recientemente identificado de objetos agrupados en perihelio, a los que Sheppard se refiere como "TNO extremos", es lo que sugiere que un planeta invisible y masivo se esconde en las afueras de nuestro Sistema Solar. Esa sigue siendo una pregunta muy debatida.

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Jugore I am speaking very clearly rojjo that you understand the need to get down to working seriously, because whoever works will escape the danger. They are made of a material which does not exist here and is resistant to bullets and everything.

He who does rojl work upon the disintegration of the defects, can never reach Chastity and can never feel love for others either, because he does not love himself. Because of these cracks, seaquakes, earthquakes and other terrifying things will occur in the water and on land. This is not for you to make orjo theories, or hold discussions, but to experience the true teaching that I am giving you in this book, since there remains nothing more to which we can resort.

Lucia This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ The author talks about a planet that he calls Hercolubus approaching the Earth, that will cause lots of catastrophies. They are made in one piece, with no welds, joints or bolts and are piloted by means of buttons. I have no words to describe their wisdom, culture and the angelic life they lead. Ask and answer questions about books! I have been to Venus and Planeya travelling consciously in my Astral Body and so I can give testimony of how marvelous their inhabitants are.

There will be no coastal city which will not be swept away and the land will start to sink into the ocean, because the axis of the Earth has already started to shift as a result of all the experiments that are being carried out. These are due directly to atomic experiments being carried out by scientists and powers that believe themselves almighty.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. What came true is a discovery …more The author talks about a planet that he calls Hercolubus approaching the Earth, that will cause lots of catastrophies. What exactly does this book try to convey, is there any indirect attempt to conversion of any Religion. What came true is a discovery of Nibiru or Planet X that is said to be approaching the Earth To ask other readers questions about Hercolubus O Planeta Rojoplease sign up.

Well, it has various names, but actually it is a divine spark that pushes us and gives us strength to undertake a spiritual task like the one I am teaching.

They have not weighed the consequences of the atrocities they have committed, and continue to commit, against both the planet and Humanity. Buscar a un distribuidor del libro en su pais. They believe they are the masters and lords of life, all-powerful, but now they will see that there is indeed a Planetta Justice, which judges us according to our deeds. Extractos del libro en varios idiomas.

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