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Do you want to connect more deeply with the Reiki flowing within you? Do you want to sense Reiki with confidence? Do you want to experience Reiki more accurately? Practice this Japanese Reiki guided meditation, called Hatsurei Ho , and you can become deeply connected to the Reiki flowing in your life! Today, we are going to explore the Techniques and Meditations element. More exclusively this guided meditation of Hatsurei Ho. This Reiki guided meditation, Hatsurei Ho, is a sensory perception technique that will help help to strengthen your connection to the Reiki flowing within you already.

Any level of training and any lineage of Reiki can use this meditation! An alternate position is Agura, sitting cross-legged. Or, my personal favorite, sitting straight up in a chair.

Sweep your left hand from your upper right shoulder diagonally down across your torso to your left hip. Repeat your right hand sweep again. Extend your right arm, palm facing up, parallel to floor. Sweep your left hand down your right arm from shoulder to open palm. Extend your left arm, palm facing up, parallel to floor. Sweep your right hand down your left arm from shoulder to open palm. Repeat the right arm sweep.

The hara is the center point of energy in the body. It is located below the navel and above the tailbone, in between those two spots. Exhale out through your whole being. Repeat and continue visualizing energy traveling in through your nose, down to your hara and out through your entire being. Practice this for five to 10 minutes. Focus on your middle fingers, lightly touching, palms pressed gently together in prayer position.

Breathe in and out gently. Notice the energy building in your middle fingers. Feel the concentration of Reiki building there. Practice this for about five minutes. With hands in Gassho position, on the in breath notice the Reiki concentrated in your hands.

As you exhale, become aware of the Reiki moving to your hara. Inhale and move the Reiki back up to the hands. Exhale and move the Reiki to your hara. Do not think about the Reiki traveling down from the hands through the arms and into the stomach, rather, sense it automatically moving between these two places.


HATSUREI HÔ – Para purificar y potenciar el flujo de Reiki


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How to Practice the Reiki Guided Meditation Hatsurei Ho


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