Mazujas All magic spells from the Basic Sets are included, along with all of the basic equipment, weapons, armor, etc. Find More Posts by Shaddycat. Find More Posts by Stormcrow. It only contains the most basic of calculations, where the formulas were simple enough to work out for convenience. Dwarf Elf Goblin Orc Demon. Or you can download the package.

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You should load the Toovtekki. Characters are not attached to sheets in any way, they are attached instead to rulesets i. Some years ago I wrote some software to generate random names for characters belonging to some fantasy cultures: elves, dwarves, etc. I recently found it and decided it should be included in JCSP; this was done as of release 1.

You can also try it out here. If you have questions or feedback, please send me an email. All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Games. This game aid is the original creation of James Thurmond and is released for free distribution, and not for resale, under the permissions granted in the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy. These filters are specific to Third Edition rules, and remove everything except what appears in the Basic Set items in the Appendix are not filtered out.

Traits with modifiers or descriptions are now displayed with an open-close toggle, so that you can choose whether to show all the details. These details are now printed on multiple lines when they are shown, for better clarity. Rules regarding magical Runes and improvised spells are now better supported.

Finished finally filling in spell stats for the Magic2e library. Custom Wildcard skills 4th edition are now supported. The list re-ordering dialog was buggy, and was very sensitive ironically to the order in which you did the steps to move things. This has now been fixed, or at least greatly improved. Equipment items in this dialog are printed with a little more detail now, so you can tell your two broadswords apart when you are moving them around. The usual improvements to styling and rendering.

These are pretty useful, if I do say so myself, especially if you have imported supplemental libraries. Column sorting where present is ludicrously slow; use with a sense of humor. Worked out how to reliably deal with loading supplemental libraries from a remote server.

Added three new character sheets: a new sheet designed for NPCs, one with a more modern look, and a Dungeon Fantasy sheet. Fixed some printing problems. Damage adjustments for Brawling, Karate, and Boxing are calculated. Made some improvements to handling of units for height, weight, costs, etc.

Saved sheets should now be more stable unusual text characters were causing problems in re-loading. Reworked how the Magery advantage is handled in the 4th Edition library.

Downside: Magery-0 is now a separate advantage; you must take it as a prerequisite to any further Magery. The Templates dialog box now displays a summary for the template selected in the menu.

Added a lot of equipment from Compendium II that was somehow missed before to the 3rd-edition library. More improvements to the random character generation software. Improved styling and layout of various dialog forms. Also improved web-based styling scroll bars, responsiveness, etc. Tuned up Edit Linkers machinery. Mouseovers for virtual points now display half-points as fractions, when that is the preference. Added name-generation to random character generation in the New Character dialog. Fixed half a dozen bugs in the random character generation code.

Jazzed up the Green theme, and darkened Green and Metal a bit they were a little hard to read. The 3rd-edition skill Thrown Weapon clearly requires a specialization; this is now enforced. Fixed a bug which caused custom spells to lack the Magery adjustment. Added a Water theme.

All Quirks from Basic pp. Changed the extension used for saving files from. Much better control over positioning and size, so it is now nicer to unedited images. Implemented a Reports menu command and one report Spell Colleges. Only available for elves, dwarves, orcs, and goblins. Implemented min TL filtering and sorting for the Skills dialog menu. Reputation display is improved. Changes to calculation and title annotation of active defenses.

I added Paths to the Spells list and in their respective College groups. If you take them as Spells, they show up in the Grimoire. Implemented a toggle-able overlay of body part DR in Character Art blocks. Noticed that Musical Ability was not linked to Singing or Musical Instrument skills because the Adjustment object in the 3e library was using an absent group - added it. Fixed a bug in the Skill attribute default code that would sometimes return a level of zero when an attribute default should apply.

Did some work on Move, Swim, Flight and their modifiers. Dialog boxes now pop in front of other open dialogs when opened, clicked, or grabbed by the mouse. Updated styling of dialog boxes too. Stealth skill now shows the penalty for encumbrance level.

The cost for Talents in a 3rd-edition sheet was using the same formula as for 4th-edition sheets, which was incorrect. Users can now load any of the three available basic rulesets into any character sheet.

The bug in question affected the cost calculations for certain modified traits. Themes have gotten some attention, and there are two new ones. Added a 3rd-edition NPC card character sheet. Added a single-page 4th-edition sheet based on the 4e remix.

Added some grenades the to 3e library. Equipment items that are measured, rather than counted e. Edited the Chainmail items in the 3e library to more accurately reflect note at the bottom of B The Random Character Generation functionality has been substantially improved. Various bugs and display issues were addressed. Display and calculation of heights and weights in particular have been improved.

Improvements to Reaction area; free text now saves and displays properly there. Height and weight stats for new characters now adjust automatically based on ST. Random characters also auto-adjust, but have random variance as well.

Tweaked several aspects of Encumbrance handling, which fixed at least one bug. Supplemental library support code broke the loading of the main library files on some browsers. This has been fixed. Made improvements to Collection handling. Shields now display a skill level, like weapons, in Possessions tables.

Cleaned up and added a bit to 3rd edition equipment in that library. Display of Tech Level info is now a preference. This is a preference setting. Non-Basic-Set Spells have been removed from the Basic rules libraries. User-defined specialization Prerequisites and group specialization Prerequisites e. Fixed a bug which had broken the draggability of dialog boxes.

Two tutorials are now included in the package; one general tutorial and one for creating templates. Like traits in version 1. This may also be the update in which the random character generator was introduced. Last updated on January 24,


GURPS Character Sheet

Faugis To address this, there are already several decent character sheet management software packages. The sheet in the Instant Characters pull-out is the two-sided version, which is the one that sjard linked to. April 20, Also available for individual download. Cleric, Fighter, Thief, and Wizard from this post. All magic spells from the Basic Sets are included, along with all of the basic equipment, weapons, armor, etc. Find More Posts by Lupo. I tried the card sheet in several browsers.





[GURPS] Character sheet



GURPS C-Sheet Package


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