Shelves: spiritual This book is excellent and is my second time reading it. The information contained within is most precious to me. Your loving service to Life is certainly much appreciated by me and such a blessing to all humanity. There are some valuable wisdom teachings here, though the writing style and continued repetition of the same ideas and phrases made the reading tedious. Channeling a book of Enlightenment teachings in took a lot of courage, and I applaud the author for publishing his work. There is a call I respectfully disagree with, to The passion of the author is clear, although he writes in a florid, formal style which might have seemed old-fashioned or stilted even in when the book was written.

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Although most of his later work was properly renewed at the US copyright office, and is hence still under copyright, someone neglected to file the renewal paperwork for this book, so it has entered the public domain. Unveiled Mysteries describes an encounter with St. Germain see also The Comte de Saint Germain , here described as an Ascended Master, virtually a God, and able to manipulate the fabric of reality.

Ballard describes a series of astral trips in time and space with St. Germain, to lost civilizations in South America and the Sahara, as well as well-stocked bunkers of the ancients in the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Mount Shasta.

Ballard and St. Germain revisit past lives as citizens of Atlantis and Mu , and they turn out to be relatives. A final chapter mentions encounters with entities from Venus, a theme of later UFO cargo-cults of the s. Connoisseurs of this genre will appreciate Unveiled Mysteries. The book is written in a breathless style with a more than liberal amount of em-dashes, Inappropriate Capitalization, and melodramatic plot-points which resemble golden-age pulp sci-fi.

There are incoherent, surreal rants which would not be out of place at a Church of the Subgenius rally. The book has obvious similarities with A Dweller on Two Planets , including passages which were probably lifted directly. Germain, and also attempted to hole up in the Rocky Mountain area in the s against the threat of nuclear war. This is to reduce spurious line breaks between the normal dashes. Unless your browser is set to display basic Unicode, these may show up as question marks or boxes.

To remedy this, refer to the Unicode Page.


Unveiled Mysteries

Revelation[ edit ] Living at the base of the California volcano Mount Shasta in , Ballard frequently hiked on the mountain, where he reported the following to have occurred. It came time for lunch, and I sought a mountain spring for clear, cold water. Cup in hand, I bent down to fill it, when an electrical current passed through my body from head to foot. I looked around, and directly behind me stood a young man who, at first glance, seemed to be someone on a hike like myself. I looked more closely and realized immediately that he was no ordinary person.


The Unveiled Mysteries

Ascension Research Center does not guarantee the accuracy of any content on this site or on any external sites linked to us. Godfre Ray King wrote of this book: "In presenting this experience, it is with the deepest prayer that the reader may receive the "LlGHT," be blest and prospered on his way as he walks the Path of Truth - in which alone can permanent happiness be found. To anyone who is sincerely seeking for knowledge, this is recommended reading. The reader will receive a special surprise, when reading and studying this truly heart touching book.


Guy Ballard




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