The company is mainly specialized in producing stainless steel tubes and pipes. It believes Pursuing the Excellence and Creating the Future as the fundamental motivation for all developments. In the aspect of product development, FROCH leads among other competitors to develop high-value-added products. Especially in , in order to develop large diameter and thick wall pipe for high-pressure application, the company integrates many specialists from several countries to develop SAW welding. Moreover, to achieve the qualified inspection standard for high-pressure applications, the company obtains Radiographic Examination facility.

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With foundation of excellent physical properties and good quality of the stainless steel materials, our expertise in stainless steel products is highly appraised by users all over the world. We have developed stainless steel pipes and sheets for various kind of applications. These applications are proven to be the forefront utilization of stainless steels in the industry when encountered with challenges during processing. Stainless steel is alloyed from several raw materials including iron ore, chromium, nitrogen, silicon, and nickel.

This is vital because the chromium is what prevents corrosion from occurring. The presence of chromium creates a chemical reaction that forms chromium oxide on the surface of the steel, in effect sealing the steel in and creating a thin yet impenetrable layer of protection from rust.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the level of chromium alloyed into the steel, the more corrosion-resistant the steel will be. While it is resistant to rust, it is not, however, resistant to stains, nicks, or scratches.

There are multiple grades of stainless steel available, with and being the most popular ones, with each grade level having unique properties such as increased corrosion resistance or enhanced strength. Because of the highly versatile, relatively cheap, and requires low maintenance, it is one of the most widely used materials across various industries across the world.


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