Character development of Feluda[ edit ] Inspiration from Sherlock Holmes[ edit ] Feluda is a big admirer of Sherlock Holmes which he mentions multiple times. In Kailash Choudharyr Pathar he praises the way Holmes used to draw large conclusions from observations. In Londone Feluda, when Feluda goes to Baker Street, he openly considers Holmes as the "master" Bengali: guru of all private detectives. Satyajit Ray had deep interests in crime fiction and he read all of Sherlock Holmes fictions in his school days. And when Ray himself started writing on crime fictions, unsurprisingly, the character Sherlock Holmes inspired his writings.

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Nothing has been announced about the casting. Over the years, many in Bollywood have expressed their desire to make Feluda in general and Sonar Kella in particular. However, Sarkar finally walked away with the prized rights. I have the Hindi rights to only this film and not the Feluda series. I am trying to make something very different.

Once this script is ready, I will discuss it with Sandip Ray," Sarkar said. Incidentally, no other director apart from the maestro himself and his son have ever directed a Feluda film in Bengali. Only Bibhas Chakraborty has made two Feluda telefilms.

However, Sandip has been open to the idea of a good director adapting Feluda in Hindi. I have always maintained that if the director is competent, I am open to giving the Feluda rights in Hindi," he said.

The advantage is that a Bengali director will have read the original book and watched the film. Things became very easy-going when Pradeep Sarkar met me to discuss this adaptation. It was a very warm and friendly meeting," Ray said, keeping the charges for remake rights a secret. By , Ray expected Sarkar to show him the screenplay. Will he want to collaborate with Sarkar once the Hindi film goes on the floor? This is the first biopic of India based on a fictional character.

This film was released on 7 June Sandip Ray himself acted in the film.


Double Feluda

In Royal Bengal Rahasya, the director takes us into the deep forests of North Bengal where Feluda has to solve a mystery about a hidden treasure, which is left behind by an ancestor of Mahitosh Singha Roy, the local landlord. Singha Roy has a fetish for hunting and has also penned a book on his hunting expeditions. The film offers a picturesque panorama of the forests filled with deadly snakes, wild birds and a dreaded Royal Bengal Tiger on the prowl to pounce on the next victim. It is rare to watch a film shot in a jungle in Bengali cinema. Is it a murder, a suicide or an accident? Singha Roy is more interested in finding the hidden treasure than in solving the mysterious death of his secretary. However, Feluda is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.


Royal Bengal Rahasya (2011)



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