These books are still in use. After an examination of 12 such textbooks it has become apparent that the new leadership in Skopje is perpetuating in its educational system certain negative features associated with the former Communist regime. This is the reason why it is important, at this juncture, to study carefully the contents of these books. But they may also generate interest in finding ways to overcome the repetition of past mistakes which have kept the Balkan peoples apart. Such an approach is not a new one. Stamped with the bloodshed of two world wars, the role of school textbooks was finally understood by those sempiternal enemies, France and Germany.

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Kofou, had been an elected elder of the Greek Community Council in the then Ottoman-held Edessa, responsible for the Greek schools of the region. A generation later, his father, Andonis Ev. Kofou, had been organized in the Resistance in Edessa during the German occupation , until his arrest and imprisonment in in a notorious prison camp in Thessaloniki.

Prior to this he had served for over thirty years at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Special Consultant on Balkan Affairs and retired with the rank of ambassador-counselor. Kofos is a member of several academic societies and served for many years as Special Counsellor on Balkan affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens.

He is also the author of a number of books and essays on Greek and Balkan issues. His earlier book, Nationalism and Communism in Macedonia , Thessaloniki, , reissued with additional essays, New York, has been considered a pioneering work on a controversial Balkan issue. Diepistimonikes Prosengisies "Macedonian Identities in Times. Interdisciplinary Approaches" , Thessaloniki, Athens, Patakis publishers, In the President of the Hellenic Republic Constantine Stephanopoulos decorated him with the Golden Cross of the Order of Phoenix for his services and all round meritorious work,.

Ten years later, in , the Academy of Athens bestowed on him its Award for the entirety of his scholarly work. European Paraliament, Apr. FON, n.


Evangelos Kofos




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