But the indignation roused by this portrait of irredeemably weak and corrupt rulers -- the cowardly and unworthy Emperor Justinian and his black-hearted manipulatrix of a wife, the Empress Theodora -- was completely out of proportion for a fictionalized retelling of events that took place over one thousand five hundred years ago. Perhaps the distance that time or fantasy provide between subject matter and the ability to address such wrongs is what allows me to emotionally engage. Such defense mechanisms are necessary, since most attempts would be Quixotic, at best, and likely delusional which is not to say that volunteerism -- for example -- is the bailiwick of the deluded or naive; the belief that our efforts will significantly address deeply ingrained societal problems is, however, deluded But I digress.

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JoJokus Lists with This Book. Belisarius is purely noble, Justinian purely loathsome — no nuance is on show. Belisarius fights off the Persians; he captures Carthage; next Sicily; and soon all of Italy south of the Po. He survived for ten more years in an increasingly dependent condition until he died from heart failure. Nov 04, Mathijs Van Der Loo rated it really liked it. He organized the reconquest of Africa from the Robrt, Italy from the Ostrogoths, and southern Spain from the Visigoths. Preview — Count Belisarius by Robert Graves.

I was uninformed about Belisarius before I began reading. Inhe published Lawrence and the Arabsa commercially successful biography of T. Count Belisarius May 25, Paul Christensen rated it really liked it.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Learn more about Amazon Prime. It explained how a fortified city could with stand the attack of an armed army. This put me off somewhat. Prix Femina Vie Heureuse Anglais Using classical sources he constructed a complexly compelling tale of the life of the Roman emperor Claudius, a tale extended in Claudius the God There is the overwhelming destruction of the populace, both rich and poor, loss of family names, estates, wealth, and often life.

It is a military account of Belisarius successfully conquering Persian, Carthaginians and Goths in Rome. Sure, the Byzantines were capable of some pretty remarkable artistic and architectural works, and were a formidable military power. El conde Belisario: Robert Graves: : Books I have to say that Grxves enjoyed the science fiction classic very much indeed.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. He topples kingdoms and captures kings, always with the odds heavily against him, with daring, with clever ruses, and with an almost intuitive understanding of tactics. What really happens in the narrative of Eugenius is a fascinating lesson in war — war of robery time and, if the reader is paying attention, war of all time. The death of Justinian did not make life easier for the almost saintly Belisarius, whose thoughts largely remain a mystery, his trusted man-servant narrating the tale instead.

The wisdom or lack of it of the royals, the jealousies of comrades that they feelward to their fellows who manage better than the normal military man, the internal workings of the palace and the strong women who live and work there and have access to the truth and the lies. Good-bye to All Thatrevised and republished in proved a success but cost him many of his friends, notably Sassoon.

Jul 23, Patrick Hadley rated it liked it. The poor are the first to starve during war, the ones left to be destroyed by the burning of cities and villages and farms, the plunder that the troops believe is their prize for fighting, especially when the Emperor cannot or will not pay his troops. Jun 22, Liviu rated it it was amazing.

I ended up longing for either a non-fiction interpretation of events or a properly realised novelisation. I certainly hope so. In he published his most commercially successful work, I, Claudius. GOWIN TKS PDF Robert Graves was the absolute master of historical fiction, and perhaps better equipped than any 20th Century writer to create belisarlo story that dances with ease among the marble statuary of accepted facts and dates, acknowledging their weight, and placement. The book is full of military manoeuvres and how to win at ancient warfare.

Did Robert Graves abuse history in writing this? The dialogue is often very stilted and formal. They are breathing humans of another era, with a completely different understanding of social order. Belisxrio like the makings of a plot. In the end, to quote Churchill on history, it just becomes one damned event after the other. As he was nearby and I was looking for something interesting to read, I asked his recommendation. Most 10 Related.

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El conde Belisario



El conde Belisario, Robert Graves



Robert Graves



El Conde Belisario, el último de los romanos, de Robert Graves


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