Rueckert, James Allen McCarty Narrated by: Jim McCarty Length: 15 hrs and 46 mins Unabridged 5 out of 5 stars Performance 5 out of 5 stars Story 5 out of 5 stars For thousands of years those of Ra have sought to teach the Law of One to seekers of truth on Earth who wished to learn of the unity or oneness of all things Don Elkins and Carla L. Rueckert worked together for 12 years to perfect the channeling process and receive philosophical inspiration and guidance from extraterrestrial sources. When Jim McCarty joined them in they began to receive a new and unique type of channeling contact from those of Ra This audiobook is the transcript from the recording of that conversation between the Questioner and Ra. By Trevor J.

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The movement of this root force will open the space for the female frequency to reign over the next 13,year cycle. Changes of this magnitude do not happen overnight — and the work that goes into bringing them about is a labor of love — love for all life, everywhere. As you read along your awareness of the miraculous will be heightened by the realization that all of these synchronicities actually happened in real time. The people who traveled with Drunvalo, and witnessed these miracles, will be reminded of their contribution to this work, and of things that happened along the way that they may have forgotten about, or were not even aware of at the time.

That same force is alive inside each one of us now. As our hearts open to embrace it, our beautiful planet will move out of the darkness, into the Age of Light. Written by Cal Garrison "In Serpent of Light, Drunvalo Melchizedek tells the story of indigenous people around the world creating ceremonies to relocate the kundalini serpent to the high Andes Mountains in Chile, an event that happens every 13, years.

Spiritual ascension will only come to our planet if men and women are totally integrated and balanced, and during this next cycle, women will be the leaders.

Drunvalo was chosen to share in critical ceremonies that were created to empower women because he is a man who dwells totally in his heart and truly respects women.

As a female ceremonial teacher during these same years when Drunvalo was creating beautiful ceremonies within many of the same sacred sites with the people, I can say that Drunvalo speaks the truth. He offers as much closely held information as is allowed, so there is significant indigenous knowledge in this book.

Drunvalo is a great storyteller! You are there with him while he follows synchronicities and communicates with the great guardians of the sacred sites. Serpent of Light is a masterful description of the great Earth activations that are occurring during the end of the Mayan Calendar.

These secrets and the way Drunvalo weaves a story to bring them to life in this book is pure magic. As we move into very different times within an uncertain world, Serpent of Light arrives to assist us on the road to self realization and ease of transition. I was enthralled. It reads like a great adventure tale, however, this book is the truth-the truth of how, through an improbable series of events, fine tuning adjustments to the Unity Consciousness Grid have been made.

There is so much more to this reality than meets the eye-we are much greater than we have been led to and allowed ourselves to believe.. This book is a gift from the Universe. Let it serve as a trigger to reawaken the memories that are deep within so you can remember who you are and why you are here. Let the adventure begin! If it seems like a fantastic tale, keep in mind that the truth is always stranger than fiction. Anyone who dreams of the possibility of a new and better world will rejoice when they read this book.

Every 13, years on Earth a sacred and secret event takes place that changes everything, an event that changes the very course of history. And at this moment, this rare event is occurring, but only a few people know. And most of those who do know have kept it quiet and hidden until now.

Connected to the center of the Earth is an energy that appears and behaves much like a snake as it moves, similar to the way Kundalini energy moves in the human body. It is this energy that gives rise to the spiritual seekers everywhere on Earth--not only in the ashrams, kankas, and monasteries of the world, but also even in ordinary life and ordinary people who, in their own way, are seeking God.

But then it moves to a new location for the next 13, years, based upon cycles of time, or what we call the Precession of the Equinox. And when it moves, our idea of what "spiritual" means changes. It transforms according to the new energies of the future cycle, leading us into a higher spiritual path.

The bigger picture is this. The Kundalini has two poles, and one is in the exact center of the Earth. The other is located on the surface somewhere and anywhere in the world.

It is the consciousness of the Earth herself that decides where it is to be. This new location not only rapidly wakes up the people living near this sacred point on the Earth, but also it sends a frequency into the electromagnetic grids surrounding the Earth. We grow according to a set plan and design. To the few that know of this event and what is occurring all around us, a wisdom is transferred, and a peaceful state of being becomes their inheritance, for they know the awesome truth.

In the midst of chaos, war, starvation, plagues, environmental crisis, and moral breakdown that we are all experiencing here on Earth today at the end of this cycle, they understand the transition and know no fear.

This fearless state is the secret key to the transformation that, for millions of years, has always followed this sacred cosmic event. On one level, this means that spiritually the female will now have her turn to lead mankind womankind into the New Light.

And eventually, this female spiritual light will permeate the entire range of human experience from female leaders in business and religion to female heads of state. By this female spiritual light will become so strong as to become obvious to all who live on this dear planet and will continue to grow for thousands of years. For many of you, none of this will probably make any sense until you read chapters two and three. Chapter two is the Cosmic Knowledge of what is actually occurring in nature and the stars and how it relates to this new cycle of light.

Chapter three is the history of what the ancient cultures understood about this sacred event up to this present time. This prepares you for the content of this book. Beginning with chapter four will be the stories of my personal experience and involvement with this Serpent of Light and the hundreds of indigenous tribes and cultures that have secretly helped guide this spiritual energy from Tibet to its new home in South America.

People from different cultures and countries all cooperating together "as though" they were coordinated by a higher power simply for the good of human life. And without this spiritual assistance, I believe, humanity will be unable to evolve to the next level of consciousness, crucial to our very survival. For me, the call to this way of life was so strong that I felt like I had no choice. It simply began to happen all around me as I followed my inner guidance.

But I am not the only one. There are tens of thousands of people, mostly indigenous people, who have been led by a deep inner guidance, from to the present, to help to bring this unyielding White Snake to it new location high up in the Andes Mountains in Chile, where it now finally resides. Not only is this a shift of spiritual power from the male to the female, but it is also a spiritual power shift from Tibet and India to Chile and Peru.

The Light of the World that has been nurtured and expanded with the Tibetan and Indian cultures is now completed. Its new reign has just begun in Chile and Peru, and soon it will affect the hearts of all mankind. These are my personal stories as I have followed my inner guidance helping bring balance to a troubled world. My training has been to stay connected with Mother Earth and Father Sky within a secret place within my heart.

It is very simple. Once one is connected to the Divine Mother and Father in this way, life becomes one miracle after another. Never could anyone plan these kinds of stories. They are conceived from outside myself in the nature that surrounds us. Some of these stories break the laws of physics, but not the laws of our Mother.

Like I said, Life is amazing! Drunvalo Melchizedek.


Serpent of Light

You can help by adding to it. Common elements involve Hindu meditation , [15] Christianity and other Abrahamic religions [16] and offshoots, particularly Kabbalah. A slowly rotating merkaba is considered negative. Merkaba energy is believed to be detectable with man-made technology, such as by military satellites, and is claimed to have been used in various secret government programs. There is a great deal more to geometry than just drawing some pretty shapes and patterns. Things like the Flower of Life are absolutely aesthetically pleasing, but they are next to useless in terms of mathematics.


Drunvalo Melchizedek Presents


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