Insert the plug from the supplied adaptor here. This turns the unit on and off. When an additional jack is connected to the right output, you will hear the stereo image. If you wanted mono and you accidentally plugged your output cable into the right output, you will hear only the one harmony voice that is panned to that side and not the other. Inserting a plug into the Line Input jack will override the microphone input. See the Connection diagrams for more details.

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Page 3: Table Of Contents The reverb effect Page 4 The warranty registration card must be mailed within ten days after purchase date to validate the warranty. DigiTech warrants this product, when used solely within the U. This vocal har- mony product is a breakthrough in ease-of-use, sound quality and affordability. The High and Higher but- tons produce harmonies above your voice. Page 7 3 Store button This is used when you want to save the settings you have chosen.

In each program you may store the Key, Harmony voicing and Scale settings. When pressed, the number in the program window will flash. The flashing indicates that you have a choice of program number in which to store your new program. Page 8 10 Harmony level control This knob allows you to control the blend between your voice and the harmony voices. Turning this control to the right adds progressively more harmony voice level to the mix while keeping the vol- ume of your voice constant.

Page 9: Back Panel Description Insert the plug from the supplied adaptor here. This turns the unit on and off. The three switches on the FS do the following Page Connections Connections Live performance The graphic below shows the typical connection scheme.

The output from Performer can be either mono one cable or stereo two cables. Studio or alternate live setup The graphic below shows how you can drive Performer with an effects send from your mixer.

Page Operation Operation Setting the input level Adjust the input level control until only the loudest notes you sing cause the Signal LED to turn orange briefly. The LED shows green when it hears a signal, orange at 3 dB below clipping distor- tion and red when the input signal has clipped. This setting produces the same melody as your input voice but in the octave below. Adding the Bass harmony to your voice produces a sound reminiscent of gospel music.

Adding one of the other harmony choices produces an even bigger sound. Set the key to E, pick the Major 3 scale and enable only the High voice. Push the cue button for a moment if you need a starting note. Page Stereo Voice Panning To create a program with unique settings for the A and B parts, press the Part A button and select settings that will work for the main part of your song. Now press the Part B button and do the same for the alternate harmony.

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DigiTech VOCALISTPERF User Manual





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