Well, for one, the results might actually make a lot more sense, from an out-of-story point of view Indeed, the very plot of Star Wars , with all its inconsistencies and bizarre leaps of logic, comes along because the players constantly force the GM to improvise. Even Palpatine seems like a good guy. In the blurb for each comic, there are often links to This Very Wiki , and there are even comics named after tropes, as well. The comic is being translated into a variety of languages, including: German, French and others. Nearly all strips from Episode I appear in German.

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Sam is Jim. Pippin is Ben. The problem with this guess is that that strip made it quite clear that Star Wars exists in the DM of the Rings universe. Lord of the Rings has also been mentioned in Darths and Droids. He will reveal it eventually. And the last sentences of the comic will be: "GM: Well, you won. How was the campaign? Sally: Super! Thanks, George! Pete and Jim: Yeah, most parts were awesome. GM: Yeah, kinda epic. Wonder how good would be a film made out of this And in that universe, David uses his ideas for Notes and Nazis, and in that one, for Mutants and Miscreants, and so on.

Pete is a troper who had his life ruined by TV Tropes. While most of the characters can be called the Meta Guy , Pete refers explicitly to tropes and such with his drinking game. The reason: he went too far into the infosphere of the tv tropes wiki, ruining any storyline in any medium for him forever.

His justification for being substitute GM was that he had the most GMing experience of everyone in the group, aside from the GM himself. His first name is Pete. Maybe his last name is "Jackson? The differences between the game and the not-yet-future movies?

YOU try figuring out what actually happened when you have five different people telling you what happened. No, you fool, they are obviously Haruhi Suzumiya. All of them.

Ben was one of the players. Steve from Irregular Webcomic is the GM. Seems that Sally and Annie should be switched.

They could have the new player Corey to play Belkar, if Pete is Durkon. If the GM were a girl, then either A. Short hair? The players are the same ones as the Fantasy and Space themes in Irregular Webcomic. Jim is Kyros and Serron. Ben is Iki Piki. Sally is either Draak or Dwalin.

Annie is Paris and Alvissa. Pete could be Mordekai. Newcomer Corey is going to be Luke. Greedo is a Red Herring. He really is going to be Han Solo next, but the writers are trying to mess with us.

They did say in a translation thread for the strip where Anakin kills the Greedo of the movies that "That solves that problem", meaning Greedo is dead, so this does seem likely. Episode 4 is called "A New Generation". The latest comic has Jim suggest Annie to play a pirate now that Anakin is "dead", with Padme dying Jim might want to play a similar character as Leia.

Ben might switch to Luke who could be a GM PC, while Sally can do some character jumping between C3 and Chewbacca admit it, she would love it and she created the character.

In episode 5 she could take control of Yoda again. Jim seems to fit the character well although we all know how well the Irregulars stick to the character from the movies , and Ben dies not long after they met Han who at that point was an NPC in a bar, and he was a good character to take over. After Qui-Gon dies, his player will roll up a new character - Han Solo. Similarly, Annie will probably take over Luke after Anakin turns evil.

Oh, excuse me, after Count Dracula and a dinosaur And why would Annie stop playing Anakin after he turns evil? Games get really hard to manage if you have players on both antagonist and protagonist sides working against each other. Which makes Han fit as his next character even better. How so? Or it could be the other way around.

Which she has done, so this is quite possible. After Qui-Gon dies, his player will roll up a new character - Amidala. A recent strip showed that Jim may be interested in Annie. This would explain why Amidala goes on the full adventure in Attack of the Clones, and the adventure only starts when she arrives. It would also explain the fact that Amidala is totally cool with Anakin massacring an entire village full of Sand People. Meh, Sand bastards had it coming.

And Obi-Wan rolls Chewie. Also, he recently got to know that he can earn XP with good roleplaying. Totally called it. Okay, not his motivation, but still. Pete plays Chewie. Being incredibly strong, good with ranged weaponry, and gave up speech and wearing clothing as negative traits.

Alternatively, Sally could make up the Wookiees. I mean, they are like giant teddy bears. Ewoks more so. Jossed -- for now, at least. Alternatively, she will take over Mace Windu, Yoda, or some other Jedi. Someone that can actually fight. Somewhat confirmed. Sally has thrown a tantrum and rufuses to continue playing. Whether she will reenter as another character remains to be seen.

She just changed to Dex, but seeing that Ben is pointed to Kamino, and she make her character to stay at the diner, she probably need to change character She might still do some switching, though Ben will re-enter as Lando Calrissian after Obi-Wan is killed in Episode 4 This explains why there is no mention of what would become a major character until halfway through the second to last movie.

Pete will control both the Droids and Sally will play Chewbacca. Pete controlling both the droids may end up being through the Leadership feat or something. Just a hunch. And with Jim playing Amidala all gung ho, Leia would be a natural extension. I swear! I actually thought of this and wanted to add it.

It makes perfect sense, as her role in Attack of the Clones has switched almost solely to description and playing NPCs. I third this one.

The GM even seems a bit to be grooming Sally for the role, making a point of having her do the "set design" for Kamino. Sixth-ing this, or some form of it any way timeskip with maybe new players and an old standby. Having new kids of the old cast would make for one heck of "Luke, I am your father" meta-game moment though may be too dark for the strip.

Anakin, Padme, Obi, Yoda, R2. Anakin becomes Darth; given the strips real life events, this is predicated by the as-yet unnamed conflict between Anne and Jim. Given what we know of the movies, at some point, Obi and Ana fight and both of their characters die or go away at any rate. This would be Jim and Anne breaking up poorly. Come the big reveal in the original trilogy and the very emotional moment between Luke who would suit Jim and Vader, Anne surprises the group by showing up that session and reconciling with Jim.

Han and Leia are -Pete- and Sally. Ben becomes Chewie and the droids. R2 in the original is much less munchkin-y whereas Han is basically a no-name smuggler who somehow manages to hang with powerful people and thumb his nose at both rebels and empire. Or him just growing up. Consider the imagination shown by Sally in designing characters, races and planets for the prequel trilogy.

Now consider the fact that basically every world visited by the characters in the original trilogy are single biome planets. Unless Sally undergoes some serious character decay which seems incredibly unlikely given that her imagination is running strong at this point of the story , then the original GM will remain.


Darths & Droids



Darths and Droids


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