His one and only concern is curtailing the power and influence of the ruthless Sarronti elite. Still, the human female working with him lingers in his mind and fuels his imagination. Hostilities rapidly escalate and new threats are revealed. You do not have to have read any of the previous series to understand or follow the current story or timeline.

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Cyndi Friberg Shadow Assassins, radical separatists created at the onset of the Great Conflict, have been made obsolete by years of peace.

For Varrik, the current commander, that time is now. Shadow Assassins, Book One: Radical separatists, created at the onset of the Great Conflict, have been made obsolete by years of peace. For Varrik, that time is now. Varrik, current leader of the Shadow Assassins, knows his people are on the verge of extinction. If they cannot adapt, they will die. Yet if his son were a direct descendant of the High Queen it would secure a place for future generations.

Protecting his people is his first priority, so Varrik assembles a hunting party and kidnaps the royal twins. He is determined to claim the eldest for his own. Echo, the younger princess, knows her pampered sister will never survive the sexual appetites of their virile captor.

Can a dominating warrior and his willing captive bring light to the Shadow Maze? Note to Readers: This book contains detailed descriptions of sizzling passion only suitable for mature readers.

Tal mentions, almost in passing, that his mother was killed by one. Years passed as the concept churned away in the back of my mind. Who were the Shadow Assassins and what became of them after the Great Conflict? As I answered these questions, Royal Obsession was born. Royal Obsession is part paranormal romance, part capture fantasy.


Cyndi Friberg

If you have not been following the series I suggest you get the other books and read them in order as it will make following through not only more exciting but also less confusing. Now it had subtly been made apparent that there was a spark between Kage and Eza in the books leading up to now and in book six, the spark comes to a rip roaring blaze. This book is thrilling and fast paced from beginning to end with espionage, battles, political coups spoiler hint and a surprising new start that will have all the fans cheering once you reach the end. Alliance now in place the two openly explore the alliance of the body, heart and soul possible only to mates as Kage knew quite clearly that the two of them could not deny the mating pull they both felt from the start. Kage Razel the outcast leader that had been a mystery to most thus far I had been plotting theories by book 3 is revealed to us with roots reaching all the way back to the battle born series and even the previous stand alone releases introducing us to the concept of the war brides and the gruesome Operation Hydra. I received a complimentary download of this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


SLAYER (Shadowborn Rebellion #) by Cyndi Friberg-a review

General Malik Xett is honorable, sexy, a little bit sweet and all badass when needed. Their relationship moves steadily if quickly although the author does a good job of not making it feel rushed. Secondary characters show depth and there is political intrigue, new revelations about the Sarronti and action to keep the story interesting and moving along. Look forward to the next story in the series and am curious which of the possible hints that may be. Excellent storybuilding and romance.


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