This is a great reference book. Similarly, candlesticks are meaningless without understanding their location and the signicance of that. Refresh and try again. Well written, good,clear examples. You may also like.

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Those appreciating the Candle Chart method will find this book very interesting. The author employs a writing style which is easy to understand but at the same time effectively teaches methods to advanced trading. Evidently the author is quite well versed in the method of candlestick charting however his knowledge of the English language is not at all up to the mark and the book does not make for an easy and precise read. There are many problems with the book.

Some of them are: 1. The book is difficult to read and is a useless piece of text. The order of the chapters in the book is not in any sort of a sequence. There are many difficulties regarding the written material. I was unable to find a properly written paragraph. A good author knows the sequence a reader follows as he reads, understands and interprets the technical data provided in the book. This author has no clue about it. When the 3rd edition of a book is released, you expect a few editions.

This books 3rd edition has not even been slightly edited. The writer seems to lose track of what he has written and more often than not seems to contradict what he himself stated a few pages back.

This clearly proves that the editor just blindly gave the draft in for publishing without even bothering to read it once. The author repeatedly brings up irrelevant things like Nison and bar charts. Nison has written many books of his own and I could have picked up one of those if I wanted to what Nison had to say.

I may have to now. The author has wasted a lot of time on writing about the prevalence of candlesticks over bar charts. The readers are not bothered about that.

The author repeatedly applies some strange technical term without even explaining what it is to the reader. He assumes that you know what he is talking about. Surely, his friends would be applauding him when he uses such terms with arrogance but the use of such a book meant for the average reader is absolutely uncalled for.

The book has a bountiful of errors, writing errors and errors of formatting. The publisher inexcusably let this horrible book go for printing without even sparing it a read. As I did not buy the e-book I pray I can return the book. The only thought I have is that I wish I had bought the hard copy. That way I would have paper to put in the fireplace in winter. I urge you to take a stand for literacy and not purchase this jargon till the publisher actually comes out with something that has at least been adequately and edited with some experience.

However, in a self-contradictory manner, the 10th chapter of the 3rd edition of the same book is entirely reserved to the essentialities of the computerization of candlestick patterns by Ryan Litchfield.

Due to such results, based on no factorial data, the candlestick patterns have been the subject of a lot of criticism. Immediately after making the above statement, Litchfield proceeds to give some perspective of his own.

After this, he proceeds to commercialize his work. It has nothing special about it as many other sites, like the one by Steve Nison who is another candlestick expert www. Although later on the author does make an attempt to improve the reputation of the candlestick method due to the sheer subjectivity of the statistics it relies on.


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