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Develop joint products and services Facilitate the cultural fit Help them develop agreed processes, protocols etc. Provide independent expertise as and when needed Help joint communications Facilitate joint workshops Build joint teams The exact nature of our support will vary depending on the particular companies, their size, their industry etc. BS provides a basic framework. Peter Westbrook is an accredited facilitator of the framework can envisage the sort of extra help companies will need such as those listed above. The MOD are now actively encouraging partnership frameworks between supplying companies ignoring the fact that they need it more than anyone else. Companies will need to show that they are doing it to a good plan: hence the importance of BS

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Product Details What is BS ? BS is a new British Standard that provides a framework specification for creating collaborative business relationships. Working in partnership with other organisations allows you to share knowledge, skills and resources effectively — helping all involved to meet mutual goals. Collaborative relationships also lead to better cost and risk management, as well as levels of innovation not normally achieved in a typical client-supplier relationship. BS builds beneficial partnerships that enhance competiveness and performance.

BS can set your organisation apart through better business relationships. The new national standard outlines a framework for building and maintaining partnerships, paving the way for streamlined working. BS gives guidelines on increasing joint efficiency, transparency and understanding around governance processes. It also includes advice on assessing and monitoring these partnerships through a relationship management plan.

And compliance with BS is straightforward thanks to the practical nature of the guidelines. Who should buy BS ? Organisations working within a supply chain Organisations managing a supply chain Those who want to improve efficiency and partnership working. Contents of BS include: Scope.


Relationship Management Plan

ISO is the international standard will supersede BS which it is largely based on by late It is a framework for helping organisations to prepare for, select and maximise the benefits of strategic relationships. It can be flexibly applied to specific partnerships, large collaborative projects or groups of organisations focussing on common goals e. It was designed over many years and reflects best practice in forging mutually beneficial relationships.


Collaborative Business Relationships

The BS standard can help your business by improving communications with your business partners. It shows you how to define roles and responsibilities with partners, which will strengthen your business relationships. This in turn will enable you to collaborate on projects more successfully. Clear communications can help you improve efficiency and drive business growth. The BS requirements include refining your decision-making process to enable you to share skills, knowledge and resources more efficiently.

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