I hope everyone is having a fine week. I think most of you are aware that my Elliott Wave counts and predictions are produced independently, and are not swayed by the other wave counters out there, although I do utilize some of the unique, long-term research published by Robert Prechter. Most of the badmouthing comes from the traditional lichens of the stock market, who continue to promote a type of investing that worked amazingly well in the late 20th century, specifically from late through early While Prechter can be rightly accused of being too early, I think an equally compelling case can be made that the traditional proponents of buy-and-hold are encouraging a concept that has been logically invalidated twice very recently, once starting in , and again in The book focuses on the many Fibonacci relationships in both price and time that have occurred and reoccurred in the financial markets going back as far as data exists. It is simply amazing to see the Fibonacci sequence constantly at work in the markets at all degrees of trend!

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Today he is the Elliott Wave International president, serving as head of the company he founded. This group examines social moods and their impacts on the resulting social action, such as the economy and the stock market. Prechter holds the certification of Chartered Market Technician among his various other honors and accolades.

Though he did not invent the theory originally that distinction belongs to Ralph Nelson Elliott Prechter is unquestionably the most successful protegee and important disciple of theory founder Elliott. Prechter and Frost did more than offer merely a more complete explanation of the wave theory.

At the same time, they said that his model portfolio only experienced half of the trading-days exposure to the markets over this more than decade long time frame. Of all the newsletters these services considered, his is the only one which has received such a distinction on two separate occasions.

Legendary and genius are appropriate and often-used terms to describe the accomplishments and multi-decade long career of Robert Prechter. His greatest strength to many has been the way that he singlehandedly defined and refined the Elliott Wave Theory by continuously updating the market based knowledge and experiences of the field in updated works and re-released editions of his first book and classic on the subject of Elliott waves. They employ dozens of individual analysts full time who stay busy publishing content around the clock on all timeframes of the theory, practice, and actual application of Elliott waves.

What sets his website and company apart from many others in the space of subscription based, market prediction services and programs is that theirs is mostly an educational site which specializes in practical and free articles, videos, and training.

His company site itself provides a wide and extensive range of articles, videos, ebooks, print format books, training courses, and more.

Many of the other products Prechter provides in the form of bonuses with his range of different subscription services. These are broken down below under the categories of newsletters, books, DVDs, and advisory subscription services. Without a doubt it is considered to be the longest-lasting and most-trusted publication on the subject of Elliott waves in the history of the world. It is designed to help you thrive and prosper in any kind of market scenario or environment.

You get longer term and detailed views of all the major stock markets and economies of the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific as well as an analysis of currencies, precious metals, energy markets, and bonds.

Prechter throws in his one of a kind insights into cultural and economic trends at no extra charge. This publication is your blueprint to investment risks and opportunities around the globe with its over 50 pages of actionable intelligence delivered to your email inbox once per month. It specializes in commentary, easy to understand charts, and analyses that will assist you in navigating the upcoming market trends and twists for the next weeks, months, and even years.

Among the over 40 markets this newsletter appraises you of are the following: Stock Indexes U. Interest Rates U. Robert Prechter Books Robert Prechter is also a highly respected and well-known author. His books cover a range of subjects starting with economics and running on to sociological behaviors of both individuals and groups.

Many of them pertain to trading and predicting markets, though others of them are more educational and topical in nature.


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