Alexia is one of the best assassins in the Alliance but she tosses it all away when one of her fellow assassins and friends calls in fear. Alexia races to help her friend when she literally bumps into the one man who turns her on like no other has and has her wondering what she can do to get him to give her the passion she craves that may leave them both wanting more. Can Alexia and Azazel fight for a brimming love that will have them battling more than their feelings and rogue demons….. When he encounters Alliance assassin, Alexia, he finds more than just another woman in his field but one that stirs his senses and is a powder keg of lust as well. Passion explodes between them but can these two be able to live with the fact it might not be enough for them? AZAZEL is a wonderful treat to read and the hot sexy love scenes will leave you burning up so make sure to grab your significant other or run a cool shower to cool off.

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My dream of being a romance writer would never have come to fruition without your support. I love you more with each passing day. This was the year. Thanks for your confidence in my ability. Gen, you have been there for me from the beginning. Your friendship means more to me than you could possibly know.

To my editor Sasha Knight—you have made my dream come true, and I could never thank you enough. You are an absolute joy to work with. And to my children, Sarah and Katie, you can do anything you put your mind to. Never let someone tell you that your dreams are impossible. I love you. Chapter One Azazel focused on Lucifer and shut out the screams of the tortured.

It was just like Luc to arrange a meeting in Hell. The term "Godforsaken place" took on its original meaning here. There was no light, save for the orange glow of the fire that only intensified the shadows.

Luc seemed unfazed by the putrid stench of those that died over and over in the inferno. Breaking his own promise to keep his eyes averted, Azazel glanced at the eternal fire. If bodies had been condemned to the pit the torture would be over before their toe hit the first flame. In spirit form they were screwed. Nowhere to go, no way to escape. Luc faced the Lake of Fire.

The impossible has become possible. He hated when Luc used his mind-reading power on him. He had a sleeve of tattoos on his right arm that curled up to his collarbone. Crosses and angels, of all things. Where else? They left as a group, sharing their powers, so I doubt they will separate. Track the bastards down and fling their asses back to me. Their thoughts linger on gaining a body and using that person to acquire a following. That I will not allow. Psychics, telepaths or empaths seem to be their target.

That seems to be where most of the quacks are living. She let her fangs show, knowing the demon in the front of the pack would realize she yearned for his sweet, delicious blood. It was no secret that vampires craved the blood of demons. Their blood was so much better than humans. Also By Dawn McClure.



Preview — Spirit Bound by Christine Feehan. Dawn Mcclure is on page 44 of of Spirit Bound. Dawn McClure How refreshing to have a heroine who embraces her sexuality!!! You just might get it. I love tough as nails heroes and snarky, fun heroines.


Dawn McClure

As she made her way out of the alley she stopped and turned to her right, picking up a different scent. This one belonged to a demon, not a vampire. Demons were so much more fun to kill than vampires, the exception being Belial. Normally they gave one hell of a fight.

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