ARMY FM 101-5-1 PDF

If color is used in a symbol, it shall indicate affiliation. Height in feet of equipment or structure on the ground. FM Operational Terms and Graphics It is designed for commanders and staffs arny company through corps to communicate instructions to subordinate units. Since the headquarters symbol already includes a staff, this staff may be extended or bent.

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Vukora Sign In Sign Out. The combination of unit and weapon symbols with objectives, boundaries, routes of march, and other control measures creates an indispensable tool for quickly and accurately portraying battle activity. Number or title of higher echelon command corps designated by Roman numerals.

If the user, after searching doctrinal symbols and modifers, must create a new symbol, it must be explained in an accompanying legend. The basic affiliation categories are friendly, unknown, neutral, and enemy.

I dentifies unit symbol as a headquarters or used to indicate location or to declutter. Direction symbol is moving or will move. Standardization of techniques is essential if tactical information is to be relayed without misunderstanding.

This example requires no more graphic modifiers. Flight level for aircraft. Precise Locations To indicate locations more precisely, the following methods are employed. When representing unorthodox units and equipment,select the most appropriate symbol contained herein. When information is transferred from an engagement domain system to force domain command and control system, it will be automatically or manually converted to the force domain symbols in this publication.

Situation maps and overlays provide a rapid and easily understood means by which a commander or staff may express an operational plan, concept, or friendly or enemy situation. This doctrine applies to all Army and Marine Corps commanders and staffs. The end of the staff indicates the precise location. The center of mass of the symbol indicates the general vicinity of the center of mass of the unit.

White is used for these elements when they are displayed on a dark background. As an example, we will build the symbol for a friendly nuclear, biological, or chemical NBC reconnaissance unit equipped with the FOX and M21 long-range sensor.

Friendly delivery unit missile, satellite, aircraft, etc. The basic frame shapes for units, installations, activities, and logistics sites are shown in Figure Frames are geometric shapes used to display affiliation. Users should avoid using any symbols, or combinations and modifications of symbols, that differ from those in this armj. For overseas theaters, the procedures govern US unilateral operations only.

Approved for public release; distribution unlimited. If several headquarters are at one location, more than one symbol can be on a single staff. Basic symbols other than the headquarters symbol for example, points may be placed on a staff which is extended or bent. It is designed for commanders and staffs from company through corps to communicate instructions to subordinate units. FM Operational Terms and Graphics This chapter establishes a standard system for the development of ground unit symbols.

Sign In Sign Out. A color fill can be used if an icon is displayed within the area of the frame. In this example, the secondary function and first modifier is reconnaissance.

The use of any other colors must be explained in an accompanying legend. Generally, black is used for the frame, icon, and modifiers when symbols are displayed on a light background. The symbols shown in arjy chapter are adequate for depicting enemy units.

An example is the crossed rifles which represent an infantry unit. This manual does conform to the appropriate NATO requirements.

Appendix B includes examples of enemy units. Indicates number of items present. Related Posts.


ARMY FM 101-5-1 PDF




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