Zukora Please assign your manual to a product: Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus including amplifiers that. Press to decrease the sound volume level. AOC L32W 32 in. If you do this by overnight is better. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners to clean the display.

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Operating Instructions 2. Adjust the items including Setup menu, Video menu, Audio menu and Feature menu. However, some function items in the menus may only be enabled in the particular source modes. In channel scan process, the OSD can display the number of channels which had been found.

Add on Ch search: Add channels which are new found. Manual Channel Set: Show the channel setup table. However, the channels are still accessible when user enters the channel number. Menu Language: Select the menu display language. Aspect Ratio: Select the display aspect ratio. Favorite Channel Mode: When favorite channel mode is on, user can edit favorite channel table in favorite channel set option.

It provides several video adjustment items for user fine tuning the video display. Settings: Restore the default video settings. It provides audio adjustment for user to modify the audio setting. The default state is enabled 3. The default state is enabled 4. The default setting is on. Settings: Restore the default audio settings. It provides certain optional control functions such as time set, sleep timer, advanced video menu, Password Set, parental control V-chip and Digital closed caption setting.

This menu gives users the most flexibilities to satisfy their generally demands. According to the various requirements in different source modes, certain features should be hidden disable on the menu.

The details footnotes will be described clearly below. Time Set: Set current time. Sleep Timer: Enable or disable the TV standby timer. Timer starts to count down after cursor leaving the sub-menu.

Dynamic Contrast options for enhancing video quality. The default setting is Mid. The default setting is On. Password Set: Change the 4-numeral parental control password. Parental Control: provide the parental Control V-chip function setting. Before entering the Parental Control sub-menu, user has to key in the password first.

While exiting the sub-menu, the parental control function is working. The inhibitive channels or source signals can be un-lock through pressing the V-CHIP key on the remote control and then key in the correct password. The default password is: 0 0 0 0. When select service 1 to service 6, you can modulate parameters in the Digital Close Caption. Digital Close Caption: Provide numerous options for setting the digital close caption style.

If Custom mode is selected, user can modify the detail styles described below. The setting result will be shown immediately on the bottom side of the sub-menu OSD. All these items are giving the tuning range from 0 to All these items giving the tuning range from 0 to


AOC L32W861 User Manual



Aoc L32W861 Manuals


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