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Failure to heed them can result in serious injury or death. Maintenance If you have problems, do not attempt to repair the unit yourself. Return it to your Alpine dealer or the nearest Alpine Service Station for servicing. Installation Location Make sure the CV[ For operations with the monitor c losed, refer to page Be sure to stop your vehicle in a saf e location and apply the parking brake , before attempting these operations.

The opening screen appears automatically on th[ ME f or at least 2 seconds. The frequency on the displa y continues to change while the automatic memor y is in progress. The tuner will automatic[ The unit can display this te xt inf ormation as explained below. Each time you press this b utton, the display changes as shown belo w.

When the monitor is open: display [ This section describes operation assuming that an Alpine CD pla yer is con[ Random Pla y 1 Press 4 in the pla y or pause mode. The trac ks files on the disc will be play ed back in a random sequence. After all the trac ks on the disc hav e been play ed bac k once, the pla yer will begin a new r andom sequence pla y until the M.

T o cancel M. The dr iver ma y be distracted from[ Release the button when y ou reach the desired por tion you wish to pla y. Pla ybac k star ts from that por tion. Y ou can place a call b y these lists. Calling by using the Speed Dial Y ou can place a call b y retrieving one of the telephone numbers registered in No. CD mode: The monitor is closed display ed in the sub-display. MP3 mode: The monitor is open. All other tag data is ignored. Example of sub-display 4 Press g or f [ T o do this, follo w the procedure below.

Push the foot br ake to bring your v ehicle to a complete stop at a saf e location. Engage the parking brake. K eep pushing the foot[ Color adjustment cannot be made if a Na vigation system with the RGB f eature is connected. Press preset 2 again to select C[ Moreover , you can choose between three settings to suit y our personal preferences. There are two[ MODE3 [ SEL to select the video position. Example of[ Each press changes the displa y modes as f ollows: In the Mode 1 Wide , the monitor displa ys a normal pi[


Alpine CVA-1004R User Manual



Download ALPINE Alpine+CVA-1004R,RR+Car+Audio+SM docs - Various electronics service manuals


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