I agree with his views on these subjects. Herbert Lockyer, out of his long experience and ripe wisdom, has written a book which will help many to understand the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith. It will not take the place of the Bible, but prove of greatest use to those who study it along with the Bible. Then buy it. Read it.

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Beginning with a chapter on how to study Bible doctrine, this book provides you with studies and analyses of thirty important doctrines. Divine revelation, Christ, the Holy Spirit, angels, grace, peace, predestination, last things.

Herbert W. Alsruhe on Oct 25, Here is a book that is excellent for one wanting to start studying more in depth the MANY doctrines of the Bible. We often forget how many major doctrines there are. I personally have found approximately 50 doctrines in the Bible related to salvation alone.

Lockyer does a great job and will get you started, expanding your mind beyond the "milk" theology in which so many Christians remain. But be careful. He bought into the very young doctrines of premillennialism and dispensationalism, so you will find his doctrinal explanations as related to eschatology to be "newspaper" theology rather than biblical theology. Love it. By Dvedt on Apr 24, A must for your library. Excellent book to draw from when you need to want to look church history etc I believe this should be your first pick.

It sets out to help one learn how to study Bible Doctrine; Explore 30 of the most important biblical teachings; Discover how what you believe applies to your life today.

There are pages in the book, with great and helpful information on every page. Excellent study book for all By 14x4toy on Apr 08, This book is an excellent tool for further bible study, beyond the normal Sunday school study for further in depth study of the Bible. It is old printed material, however it is still the bible and stands the test of time for knowledge. Would recommend to any Believer for study. Great book!

By Bernie on Sep 03, The author explains the doctrines in an easy to read way. It will help people be rooted in our beliefs as followers of Jesus. It is a great blessing. I am quite sure I will enjoy it. I valuable book to have in your study All the Doctrines of the Bible By Christine Spangler on Aug 11, The author, Herbert Lockyer, has done an excellent job with each doctrine in this book.

I am grateful to see that this author can talk about the nephilim openly. Anyone disputing the Nephilim should look up Klaus Dona and his ongoing archeology research in Bolivia and what he has been unearthing. One could gain adequate knowledge and wisdom from the two together.

A student of the Bible should read this book especially if one would want to teach or even speak about the Word of God with anyone in perfect truth, that is unshakable in the face of unbelievers and demons.

Clear and defined descriptions of applications of doctrines for concepts of God and our own individual views on sin, life, duty, and conduct of a Christian. Excellent book. Good in parts but a bit dogmatically erroneous in places By Truthcatcher on Feb 23, This book is uplifting mostly, and refreshing. Perhaps a lot of us were taught this doctrine as children I was.

There has been a long-standing habit of taking Isa. In order to take the Lucifer text out of context, many sadly ignore the verse that sets the context of the chapter: v. Of course, it very possibly vv. It did not exist in any translation of the Bible until Jerome put it into his Latin translation. The original word in the original Hebrew is helel. Jerome translated helel using the word that held the closest match to the meaning of the original, and the word he used was Lucifer, meaning "bright or shining one.

The pagan king of Babylon was likened to his pagan deity in a mocking sense delivered by the Holy Spirit through Isaiah in chapter God mocked the king in his pride, and in viewing himself as deity, and brought him down to the grave and hell. As for that, God has not told us. If anything, if he has told us what it was, it would not have been Lucifer but Helel. Helel is in the original text. Good basic Bible doctrines book - nice place to start By Harold Mcfarland on Jun 26, In Herbert Lockyer originally published "All the Doctrines of the Bible" and it has been in print ever since.

While this is hardly all the doctrines that are found in the Bible by the various religious groups, it is the thirty most important doctrines that are held by pretty much all of the Christian doctrines. The book starts with a brief introduction to how to study Christian doctrine. For each doctrine the chapter clearly defines it and follows with the development of the doctrine using specific Bible verse references.

On some matters, such as baptism, it provides thoughts of other great thinkers of the past. This is an excellent book for the young Christian who wants to learn the basis for common Christian doctrine and a recommended read. All the Doctrines of the Bible By Littledot on May 23, I found this an excellent book based on the scriptures and truth outlining the key teachings of the Bible. It enables one to correctly understand biblical teaching and consequently produce spiritual stability and fruitful Christian living.

I am working with our Christian Education Department to add By Rawls on Nov 25, I am working with our Christian Education Department to add or upgrade our course offerings. This text provides just what we need to get and keep us on the right tract. By Doug Centeno on Jan 15, I first saw this book in the public library. When I started reading it, I knew I had to add it to my personal library. It covers 30 biblical doctrines, though sadly, it was silent on the doctrine of suffering.

To quote the missionary Jim Elliott, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose. By James on Jul 22, Excellent book! By Annette E. Diopa on Mar 02, Have to be a bit bible savy. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. It was published by Zondervan Academic and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


All the doctrines of the Bible

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Herbert Lockyer

Chapter One How To Study Christian Doctrine By way of introduction it may prove profitable to deal with the study of doctrine as a whole. The word itself is from doctrina, which is derived from docco, meaning "to teach," and denotes both the act of teaching and the subject taught. Doctor is associated with the same word and is equivalent to teacher, as indicated in the Revised Version of Luke ; ; Acts The Biblical usage of the term is interesting to trace. In the Old Testament we have the Hebrew words Lekah, meaning "what is received," "the matter or message taught" Deuteronomy ; Job ; Proverbs ; Isaiah ; Shemuah, meaning "what is heard" Isaiah ; Musar, meaning "discipline" Jeremiah 8. We have the "act of teaching" Mark ; Acts and "what is taught" John ; Romans


Series: Herbert Lockyer's "All" Series



All the Doctrines of the Bible


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