Trivia About Freedom Flight. Freedom Flight by Lanny Bassham Customer Ratings We have not received enough ratings to display an average lannyy this book. Very good book, one of the best I read with quite a few good points. One of the better and to the point stories on the power of the mind.

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Take back your freedom, break down the walls to your self-imposed prison and reach for your dreams. Click HERE to purchase. Have Lanny personalize your book — just list the name of the person you would like Lanny to sign the book to in the comment section in the checkout page. There is no way to truly explain why this book is such a great addition to your library.

The response that we have received from this book is truly amazing. This book is applicable to any performer, competitor or business professional. Young, old, rich or poor this story is meant for you. We are honored to have helped to motivate and inspire thousands with this wonderful story.

What a blessing to have this message spread to so many people. Feel free to call with any questions before placing your order OR to order by phone. We do offer bulk discounts on this book when you order 10 or more. Please call when ordering 10 or more copies to get the best pricing.

This outstanding story made me realize that I do have the power to make important changes in my life and gave me the courage to take charge once again. I recommend this powerful product to anyone looking for some encouragement, whether it be to improve your professional or personal life.

I heard it for the first time from Lanny in his own words. This story will grab you within the first few minutes. Enjoy this incredible story and learn that the mind can overcome things you cannot even imagine until you read Freedom Flight.

It also moved me to be a better person. His book continues to inspire me in business as well. Freedom Flight has changed my perspective in business helping me to keep my focus on the important and letting the unimportant things go.

It touches you so significantly that you are moved, moved to action. Freedom Flight reminds us that heroes still exist and that potential hides within each of us. This is one of those things. This particular story and the Mental Management system as a whole has benefited our organization in a huge way.

I recommend it to everyone I meet. The origin of these lessons is amazing! Although my challenge was different it still involved life and death. The lessons in both books played a significant role in my victory. Thank you for being able to share these. God Bless. This is one of the most amazing and touching stories I have ever heard. I have heard nearly all of your material and it is all great, however this material alone has made me see and given me the inspiration to take my family life, business and sport of skeet shooting to an entirely new level.

Congratulations on such a great production and above all thank you for giving me the opportunity to hear both yours and Jacks story, its truly amazing. Feel free to use these comments in any of your printed material, as I believe the more people that hear and absorb this material, the world can only be better for it.

Thanks again.


Freedom Flight – The Origins of Mental Power

Please add the name in the comment section of the checkout page. He meets a man who changes his perspective, his attitude and most importantly his future. An unlikely mentor named Jack explains to Lanny that he is has lost his freedom and is living in a self-imposed prison. During their plane flight to Cairo, these two strangers embark on a truly inspirational discovery.


Freedom Flight, Book, by Lanny Bassham


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