Can I use instant coffee in my Espresso coffee machine? No, instant coffee should never be used as the result will be disappointing. Fine grind espresso coffee should be used for our pump espresso machines. How do I descale my pump espresso machine?

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No auto shut-off or turn on. No solenoid valves for easy cleanup. Whom Is This Product For? As the operations are super-easy to adopt, and takes minimal maintenance, we found such users as the idea one for this product. Including them, here is the full list of potential users of DeLonghi EC First time users with espresso coffee makers.

Non-commercial, household uses. Frequent, regualr uses in corportate or business spaces. The DeLonghi ec occupies a small footprint Being made of a sturdy and attractive stainless steel outlook, the appearance is also praiseworthy.

So, you can brew your favorite coffee shop without any worry about the pitcher getting in the way. On top of that, the frother is able to produce a nice foam as well.

To control the steaming and espresso brewing functions, there are two different thermostats. What it means is, you can prepare a coffee shot and steam for another one at the same time. Makes sense, right? Because of the same reasons, the chance of over-extraction with this machine is almost zero.

If you want to serve coffee from this machine for any guests and events, this feature makes quite some sense, right? There is a patented technology of dual-function filter holder, which is another thing we loved about this maker.

Throughout it, you can choose both convenient ground coffee or pods at the same time. As the boiler is made out of stainless steel, the heating capacity is pretty fast and uniform. The water tank is of a size of 44oz, with visible water level indicator. But one tiny precaution is there- you should keep around a place where the temperature is more than degree Fahrenheit.

In case you need to have any expertise for troubleshooting any of the incidents, there is live customer support that DeLonghi provides. At this point of the Delonghi EC review, we would like to point out some major differences between this machine and the popular ECP ECP is quite compact and slimmer in size from the other one.

So, if you need to get a coffee maker for short and narrow housing space, you might go for ECP But if you have enough space, you might go to the other one. Both of the models come in a stainless steel structure, and that is quite rugged and sturdy. Both models use 15 bar pressure, and both models have separate thermostats to control the steam pressure and water temperature.

Advanced Controllability The EC uses an automatic self-primer which lets you use pods or ground coffee with the patented filter holder design. Both of the models have manual fothers, which is pretty helpful when making espresso through the machines. There is a one-touch controlling DeLonghi EC So, making cups after cups of coffee is way easier and faster with this machine. The one-touch control will stop the coffee flow automatically.

There is an energy saver design to give you some but in the electricity bill. The reservoir capacity of EC is 44 ounces, where the other one has 37 ounces in total.

So the refilling frequency will be more in case of ECP Our overall feedback is, the Delonghi EC is a way smarter and better pick if you consider the functionality and controls. Cleaning as an espresso machine is a must to do part of its maintenance.

IN this way, no grounds or build-up can go on inside the chambers. Also, remember that no parts of a coffee machine are actually dishwasher safe. Now, here are the steps- Step 1: Descale the machine To begin with the process, you need to learn how to descale the machine in the first place.

Also, there are some other recommendations while descaling the machine- Make sure to attach the portafilter when running the descaler. Prevent the water from preventing all over. Clean the group head when descaling the basket. Step 2: Clear out the water condensation In EC, water containment and water condensations are very likely to take place.

Do deal with that, purge the frothing wand before using it to diminish the steam. Make sure to cover up your hands, as the steam can cause burn on your hand. Do that until the gurgling sound is stopped. Now, clean out the nozzle of the steamer with soap water. Make sure to take out the nozzle before cleaning. Finally, rinse out the portafilter handle after every shot. Make sure to connect each part securely, as Delonghi EC has quite complicated setup inside.

After looking up several brands and models, I am pleased with what am getting now with this model. Starting from the packaging to the design, the controls, and the service- everything seems to be up to the mark.

Then, we decided to go for an extra mile and purchase Delonghi EC


Delonghi EC702 Review [13 Benefits to OWN one]

The integrated tamper is not comfortable for most users The machine is not compact and takes a lot of space on the countertop There is a little space under the portafilter even with the drip tray removed This is your choice to decide which disadvantages are not important or irritating for you. Overall, this coffee maker is a durable appliance, which is worth its price. The EC is an entry-level coffee machine, which creates a quality espresso with minimal hustle. Espresso Machine Some coffee experts may doubt the exclusiveness of coffee made by the EC, because with pressurized portafilters, you may lose some customization from your shot. This may lower the ceiling of how perfect your coffee can be. However, the quality of coffee beverages created by the EC is very high.


DeLonghi EC-702 Important Instructions Manual

Order Spare Parts at www. Can I use instant coffee in my Espresso coffee machine? No, instant coffee should never be used as the result will be disappointing. Fine grind espresso coffee should be used for our pump espresso machines.


DeLonghi EC702 Review

Delonghi EC Review: Who is it for? The Delonghi EC pump-bar espresso maker is suitable for first-timers looking for a semi automatic espresso machine to try their hands at being a barista at home. You want to get an espresso maker with a steam wand so that you can make both espresso and cappuccino at the same time. Beside being able to use ground coffee, you also want the flexibility to use coffee pods when you are in rush for time and want to avoid the messy coffee powder. More importantly, you also have a tight budget for this coffee maker.

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